The Frontlift front-end loader is designed
for short-distance transportation and loading
of cargoes into transport facilities

Krasnokamsky Repair and Mechanical Plant
is a joint Italian and Russian production
of agricultural equipment of the world level

617060 Russia, Perm Krai,
Krasnokamsk, ul. Trubnaya 4
Tel./fax: +7 (342) 255-40-98

The Frontlift-800 multipurpose loader is manufactured on the Italian production line installed
at Krasnokamsky Repair and Mechanical Plant and adaptable to streamline manufacture.
The process of manufacture involves several steps:

Each manufacture step ends in quality control.

Owing to this thoroughly developed and adjusted process Frontlift-800 is a heavy-duty, reliable and durable loader.

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+7 (342) 255-40-98

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